Rules to Being a Successful Remodeler

remodeling your home
Here are some rules to follow if you want to get started with remodeling part of your house.

  1. Never give up and never say never
  2. Be relentless with your research.
  3. Deliver the WOW in every area of your renovation.
  4. Embrace change and think outside the square.  
  5. Have fun at work and in life 
  6. Build trust and respect in your relationships for they are the rocket fuel of your success.
  7. Do more with less; don’t be intimidated by a tight budget, look on it as a challenge.  
  8. Look on problems as the stepping-stones to achievement.
  9. If there is something you don’t want to so, do it anyway.
  10. Be passionate, generous and humble.

It is one thing to know the exact color you want on a wall but it is quite another to actually identify the paint that is going to bring your vision to life.

The hours you spend with a cup of tea over a paint chart are one of the joys of renovating but once you start the seemingly endless treks to and from from the hardware store with armfuls of sample pots, the joy soon degenerates into frustration. It is one thing to know the exact color you want on a wall but it is quite another to actually identify the paint that is going to bring your vision to life.

Paint color is one of the pivotal decisions you will make in a renovation; it has the power to control the look and feel of a room and the emotions of those living in it so it just has to be right. Some people go for the tried and tested approach: finding a color scheme they like and repeating it over and over again. The truth is that a color on one house will look completely different on another thanks mainly to differences in light

Paint is relatively cheap in the scheme of things but the application is costly either in the cost of the painter or your own time and energy. A poor color choice that requires a re-paint is an expensive mistake and one to be avoided.

Engaging a good color consultant will remove all the pain associated with selecting colors but you still get to play with the colors, the difference is that you have someone turning your vision into reality. Of course if you don’t have a clue about what colors you want, a consultant will guide you through the best color choices for your home.

The main advantages of using the color consultant, other than saving in time ,energy and anxiety spent on the sample pot scenario is that it paves the way for all other decisions to be made over finishes.

For example you will use your paint color selections as the reference for selecting tiles, soft furnishings, bench tops, etc. In short, it takes away the difficulty associated with decisions making over finishes.

Generally a color consultant will work for an hourly rate and spend a couple of hours on internal and external paint colors selections but make sure you get a quote up front.

Part of remodeling your house is the cleaning required at the end. If you tore some walls down you may end up with a lot of construction debris including concrete. Painting itself will leave you with paint containers, which are hazardous materials to handle with care. Usually people doing a large remodel will rent a rollfoff dumpster so they can easily remove all this junk.